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6 fix is a 6-week self-study program that teaches you how to establish healthy habits that in 6 weeks turn into effortless daily rituals. Even if you can’t imagine adding one more thing to your day! 6 Fix empowers you to utilize exercise and nutrition in a fast, results driven way.


Have you ever looked at a healthy –vibrant- fit woman who juggles just as many things as you do, and wondered, HOW DOES SHE DO IT? How does she manage all the same responsibilities yet still make time to take care of herself?

  • You’ve tried other weight loss programs and nothing has worked. You lost weight only to
    gain it right back plus some.
  • To get off the diet rollercoaster forever.
  • To help you understand the core fundamentals of nutrition and weight loss that
    help you make lasting change.
  • To help establish healthy habits that create lasting weight loss.
  • Re-gain lost energy that you thought was gone forever. Or worse, you thought comes with age.
  • Feel good about walking into a room and no longer wearing an overweight label on your head.
  • To be able to keep up with you children



Workouts that can be done in your living room in 6-24 minutes! New workout videos every weekday will keep your body in fat burning mode and ensure you never get bored.

Whether you’re a beginner or on your weight loss journey already, we have the progressive nutrition strategies that will make nutrition easy to understand and totally doable. You will not starve or deprive yourself. We give you the flexibility to customize your nutrition. Eat only the foods you love!

Failed before on a weight loss program? You don’t have to go at it alone this time. Our professional coaches are easily accessible via email or in the group and will hold you accountable with weekly check ins, and constant encouragement.

Rather than give you a book and say read this and do it. We take you by the hand and show you the techniques, habits and the mindset to create lasting change.

You will get our exclusive online community of women that are on the same path as you, that you will learn from, celebrate with, and find that the struggle to lose weight is the same for everyone. “Behind every successful woman should be a tribe of women supporting her.Look no further your tribe is here with 6 Fix.

Real life examples that show you 6- Fix easily works in the real world. That’s how you create your own formula for lasting weight loss.




Get out of the swirl and into reality about what you really desire.

The journey to stop dieting and start living a healthy lifestyle begins with have clear vision of what your really desire, and I can promise you it’s not just to get into those skinny jeans.

You will learn how to…

  • Visualize and draw out what you really desire
  • Set goals for reaching those desires, and learn to actually achieve them
  • Set up your home for success



You will learn how to…

  • Why it’s important to understand basic nutrition
  • How to eat the right foods at the right time
  • To make a meal plan that is perfect for you and your lifestyle and totally doable with only your favorite foods.
  • Simple steps and strategies to make weight loss effortless



How to supplement for increased weight loss and energy.

I know that eating 4 to 5 meals a day is tough especially for us working mothers. I’ve put together some of my favorite supplements that will help make sure you are successful and prepared for everyday life.

You will learn how to…

  • Why supplementing with the right products is important
  • The best and highest quality nutritional products to help you feel and look your best
  • The best on the go snacks


All day – every day FAT LOSS

This is where the fun begins. Each week from now until week 6 you will have a new module open up for you. Each week is packed with daily workouts and special videos to help you start to create the mindset and habits you need to rock out the next six weeks.

You will learn how to…

  • Get your metabolism into high gear
  • Burn fat all day even while you sleep
  • Stay on track with your values and goals



Look I know change isn’t easy for many of us, but I know from having a weight loss transformation that IT”S WORTH IT. Let’s face it, you are here because someone inspired you. You may not realize it, but that woman you are crushing on has the same struggles you do. She’s overcoming them and having a great time in the process. You can too.

You will learn how to…

  • Recognize the struggles you deal with
  • Get support for the fastest and most fun results
  • Crush the biggest struggle you have fast



The only difference between you and someone who is fit and healthy are the everyday mindless habits you have. Most of them you have no idea you are even doing, but they sabotaging your progress at every turn.

You will learn how to…

  • Create a few simple habits that will stop you from yo-yo dieting ever again.
  • Understand the process your body goes through when you start eating healthy
  • Get better more restful sleep



None of us are perfect. Life throws us curve-balls, sometimes daily. Knowing what to do when life and mistake happen is the way to lifelong results.

You will learn how to…

  • Overcome overeating
  • Cut out the nighttime cravings
  • Manage the slips up in your life and know how to overcome them.



I know you are busy! I find that most women have no idea the time sucks that are in their every day lives. If you want forever success you have to get a handle on this and guess what. I’ve got so killer strategies to help you.

You will learn how to…

  • To the secrets to managing your time effectively
  • The major time sucks you must rid your life of
  • How to plan for the unexpected



How to be fit and healthy for life. Now that you know the fundamentals, how do you keep your weight loss going? I want you to feel healthy and confident for life. It’s not as hard as you think.
Have more weight to lose? Keep going you have 6 months to repeat the entire program.

You will learn how to…

  • How far you have come during the last 6 weeks
  • The keys to effortless results and maintaining your results
  • Committing to your goals going forward



For a limited time only get FREE PRIVATE CHECK-INS with your coach each week for the entire 6 weeks to help you stay on track with your goals, give you feedback, and help to customize your plan for your body type! All check-ins are via email directly with your personal coach.
$75 Value!


I started with this group because of a close friend of mine! She had done it and swore by it and I saw her results! I thought to myself that if she could do it, I knew I could! I was ready for this lifestyle change not only for me but for my family. I have three kids that look up to me and I want them to see me take care of myself. Not only have I lost weight and inches but I can tell a difference in my children. They eat healthy with me and it’s amazing. Along with this program I have so much more energy, this was a huge goal also for me. I’m a stay at home mom and I can get lazy but with this program it kept me up and on my feet. This is not the end for me, I can’t wait until I start back in January with this amazing team. Thanks for all the support and being a great leader, Gretchen.


As a single mother, working a full time job outside of the home I never thought I had enough time to reach my fitness goals. Your program gave me all the tools necessary to succeed! Your well thought out, highly effective workouts deliver maximum results in a short amount of time. Your meals plans are so simplified that by the first week I was able to have three days worth of meals prepped and packaged in under 1 hour, for all three days! The weekly check-ins held me accountable to the program. Your weekly phone calls were full of so much great information and motivation! The daily workouts were so simple to follow yet delivered an effective, heart pumping workout! The Facebook group allowed me to reach out to others in the group and the support from within the group was awesome! And the results, my gosh the results!!! I am amazed at the results others have posted and beyond ecstatic with my own!

I made a 2015 Vision Board at the start of this program which I have included in these pictures, I have completed more than half of my goals on the Vision Board and we are only in mid February! I never realized how many limitations and excuses I set on myself. Your program taught me how to effectively manage my time so I could reach my goals, no excuses!

Because of you and the program you have created Gretchen, I am very excited to tell you that I start training to receive my 200 hour Yoga Certification on February 20th, a goal I could not have reached without you! Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do! I am so excited to be a part of your next Phase and cannot wait to get started!


You’re Just Six Weeks Away From A New You For Just $4.26 A Day

You can keep piecing together information from this plan and that plan from the internet and wonder why you are not getting results, or you can start a program that included every component that you need to make a lasting transformation, Nutrition, Exercise, Mindset, and Habit Creation.

6 Weeks of coaching with this program is less than the price of a few personal training sessions. Act NOW and you’ll get the benefit of exclusive weekly check-ins with my expert team and I as well as full email access to a personal coach for your questions. This is not a program where you can get lost. We now every name, every face, every goal and we intend to help you reach them. But you must act quickly! This price is Temporary, and our availability is limited to a small number of women.

Continue Down The Road To A Leaner, Healthier, And More Confident You!

With 2 membership options, YOU have no reason not to start NOW!



newis6fix copy

As a coach I have seen thousands of women who try to go at weight-loss alone and fail! Or who try
and succeed in a program only to return to their bad habits and regain the weight because they didn’t learn to create healthy habits and they didn’t have the support they needed to turn a diet into a
lifestyle. I created 6 Fix to teach you how to create habits and rituals that make weight loss last.




I have always been tall, slim, and could eat what ever I wanted and never had to worry about gaining weight. I had never stepped foot into a gym, did not exercise or work out. Then I got into my 30’s and it seemed everything caught up with me. I started gaining in my midsection, none of my clothes fit anymore. I was discussed with myself every time I looked in the mirror. I saw a picture of myself and realized that I did not like who I saw in the picture. I saw a double chin that made me want to vomit. I just did not look healthy.

I started to pay attention to other women and get jealous almost, thinking to myself “I want to look like that”. Joining 6 Fix was the best decision ever!!!

Gretchen has changed my whole mindset. I have been going to the gym 4-5 times a week, doing work outs at home, eating better, only drinking water, and feeling SO much better about myself. I have a long way to go before I get to where I want, but I feel good about where I’m at right now in only 6 weeks. I am now down to 143lbs and counting!


Gretchen has been such a pleasure to work with for my health and fitness goals. By utilizing her extensive experience I was able to set myself on track to meeting my goals in a natural and healthy manner; with positive impacts to my energy level, physique, and focus. Thanks to Gretchen and her coaching I have created a permanent lifestyle change for myself and family. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in learning how to eat properly for weight loss or performance. She is so enthusiastic about nutrition and helping people; it is contagious. Thanks again for all your coaching, motivation and inspiring words. Forever thankful for you and our new friendship.



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